Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meet Tess!

This is Tess, my very first attempt at drawing/coloring a lady myself!
Hold on...let me be a little more truthful - I can't draw a good stick person so this lovely lady came from a Rita Barakat stencil.  Rita did a Make N Take at an ART retreat I attended last month in Texas and she had her neato stencils there for purchase and I snapped up a couple.  I have a long ways to go and a lot to learn, but I sure had fun creating Tess.  I've also become a fan of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I'm determinded to start an ART Journal...my goal is to just have a good time and be expressive on paper.  Tess was not done on watercolor paper so I felt I could not use acrylics...I did remember that I had a small box of oil pastel crayons and this is what I used ...did a lot of smudging around!  I now have a watercolor ART journal and watercolor paints so I'm ready to delve into new territory!
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Love the Beautiful Ladies!

   I've always been a big time fan of beautiful ladies, especially those of the vintage flair, and use them in my card making often.  I found this lovely on Pinterest and it made me smile immediately so heartfelt thanks to whomever shared it.  This card is going to a dear friend - she is the most helpful and talented soul but most of all...has always been there for me!  Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I'm so very excited because I have a brand new complete computer system...yep, new desktop, monitor, and printer/scanner!  Lucky me!  I can get to places, including my blog, that didn't accept my old system any longer...I'm updated and eager to get through this learning curve!  Enjoy your day!
Patriotic Book All Posted - Enjoy!

More of my Patriot Book Pictures

Additional Pages of My Patriotic Book...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Patriotic Book Pages Begin!

On a recent ART Retreat I was able to complete my Patriotic Book and I'm really satisfied and most pleased!  I'm not a book maker so put mine together with my Bind It All but I'm good with that too.  I have to admit there were some awesome books there and mine didn't compare.  The first spread shows my covers front and back.  The second and third spreads feature God Bless America which I believe He truly has and pray He will continue to do so.  I had fun doing the wave handwriting of the song.  Spread 4 features my husband and grandson both Navy men...my husband when we were first married 49 years ago and grandson spent his 4 years on the USS Ike  - proud of both of them!
The 5th spread are just images I love as is a lot of this book.  I'll share more in a couple of days.
Enjoy your day!